Letter from cleaners to ISS – 24th May 2018

We have received the following letter addressed to the head of HR at ISS dated 24th May 2018 signed by over twenty cleaning staff. It documents a collective formal response expressing dissatisfaction around prospective restructuring. It also clearly identifies anti-union victimisation and points to its illegality. To our knowledge the letter was not acknowledged by ISS. Goldsmiths received a copy of this letter two weeks ago. Anti-union behaviour cannot be tolerated at Goldsmiths and we hope that SMT will take due action given the seriousness of this issue.


ISS FC Education
Goldsmiths University
Lewisham Way
New Cross
SE14 6NW

24th May 2018

Dear Paul Cronin,

We the ISS employees of Goldsmith University we request the attendance of the head of HR to meet with us before any interview or restructure to take place. The company needs to treat their staff with respect and not assuming and concluding in decision making for the staff. We are saying that the 1:1 interviews on the 31st May and 1st June should not take place until Paul Cronin has come to explain in detail the loss and gain of this restructure which is making staff unhappy.

Also there is a member of staff who is oppressing and advising us to disagree with the Union and to not sign or even withdraw our membership, this is unlawful and discrimination it needs to stop. Freedom of speech is allowed in this country we work as one big family here at Goldsmiths, we want this segregation to cease.

Yours Faithfully,


Letter & New Testimonies ISS Cleaners

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