Testimonies from cleaners – 30th Aug 2018

Testimonies from cleaners since the restructure of their jobs came into effect on 6th August 2018. Received on 30th August 2018.

Work is not organized at the moment.
I am not able to clean properly. The workload is a lot.
I am not able to clean in 4 hours.
The workload is indescribable.
When I leave work I don’t feel safe.

Apart from losing money as a result of the hours being cut, the work load has also increased. We are now doing more work within a limited amount of time. The standard of work has gone down considerably some areas aren’t being done at all for obvious reason. There is nothing like rest and above all morale is at all time low.

Work is very hectic now, working under pressure.
We are doing more work within a limited amount of time and having no rest.
The standard of cleaning has taken a nose-dive; vacuum cleaning and wiping aren’t done properly.
I am not able to clean in 4 hours, some areas are left uncleaned.
My workload has doubled.
When I leave work (at night)…when one misses a bus, it takes ages to get another one.

The workload has increased while the time/duration to complete the work has greatly been reduced.
The time when we start work, the students and staff of Goldsmiths are still on the premises in large numbers making cleaning hard.
We can’t clean properly as staff and students are still occupying the classrooms and offices.
I am not able to clean in 4 hours.
The workload has increased three-fold as three cleaning sessions of 3hrs, 4hrs and 7hrs were compressed into 1 cleaning session of 4 hr.
I am constantly pestered by drunkards at the time I leave and I feel someday they may do me harm.
There is confusion around time management and duties. In most cases we are told to do spot cleaning e.g. just empty bins and clean toilets and leave the rest for a later day.

The time is not enough to clean properly.
I am not able to clean in 4 hours.
My workload is mopping the floor, hoovering the floor, dusting kitchen, toilet
I do not feel safe around the time I (leave) work.

We are working 12 buildings. It is not enough time. We have to clean kitchen, toilet, mopping the floor of kitchen and toilet, hoovering the floors, wiping the tables, dusting. There are so many keys and cards.

My work now is more difficult. I’m forced to adjust to the time change.
There are health and safety issues: there are narrow stairs and I have to carry cleaning equipment up and down. I have a very bad knee.
I’m not able to clean properly because there are many rooms to be done and not enough time and not enough staff.
I am not able to clean in 4 hours. There are many rooms and little staff.
My workload is 14 buildings and only 4 staff.
I have a major safety issue when leaving work. I finish work at 11.30pm and get home an hour later. I’m scared to travel so late because I am a Muslim woman with a big hijab on.
There is just not enough time to clean thoroughly, we have to move on quickly to other blocks.

My work is very bad and extremely tiring.
I can’t use hoovers as faults on them or check for electrical errors not updated.
I am not able to clean in 4 hours.
There is less time for more work to do.
The workload is indefinable and tedious.
When I leave work I have problems with transport, safety and family.
There is no time management, we work as being told to.

This work as given will always result to less money, can easily fall sick and no sick pay.
There’s no health and safety checks either on the workers or equipment usage. We turn to be like robots always control and on the move.
We cannot clean properly as much to do within a short time and no team work at all. Inadequate staff and that leads to 2-3 people responsible for 2 blocks or offices.
Finally my journey home and to work is more dangerous most often, I am at the bus stop by myself and walk about 10-15 minutes home after work on a very lonely road as you can imagine.

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