Letters of Support

From the Film, TV and Theatre writer Dennis Kelly, Goldsmiths Alumnus and Honorand (2017):

Hi Patrick

How are you? We met last year when Goldsmiths was kind enough to give me an honorary degree that I’m not at all sure I deserved. But I am writing today to express my support for the campaign to bring the cleaning staff in house. I’m sure it’s a complicated situation and that there are many factors to take into account, but I’ve read the testimonials of the cleaners themselves and the restructuring is clearly going to be a nightmare for them. My mum was a cleaner – as a kid our summer holidays were spent watching her scrub someone else’s floor because she couldn’t afford childcare. It means I know how hard that job is. I know that all cleaning staff are underpaid and undervalued, but this becomes particularly egregious when ISS pull a stunt like they are currently pulling. I urge you to take action in this and to support those people who help keep Goldsmiths running by bringing your cleaning contracts in house. By all accounts when SOAS did this it was cost neutral – but even if that wasn’t the case I still feel that the place I that studied in was the kind of institution that would do it anyway: it was a place that valued human dignity above the financial imperative.
Yours sincerely
Dennis Kelly

The following people have asked for their names to be added alongside the following statement:

I support the campaign to bring Goldsmiths cleaning staff back in-house, and to ensure that they receive a London Living Wage and the same employment rights and respect as all other staff.

Linton Kwesi Johnson, poet, Goldsmiths Alumnus

Owen Hatherley, writer & journalist, Goldsmiths Alumnus

Maria Minerva, musician, Goldsmiths Alumnus